The Body, the Beach and the Bathing Suit

You saw those three guys on the beach with the great bodies and the eye-catching swimsuits. You would have loved to be out there too, but you thought “I am too flabby, and I don’t have the tan, and my bum doesn’t look right in tight pants”.

You said “I need to get to the gym more and lose a couple of inches round the waist, and if I did some regular cycling it might help tone me up a bit. Then it would be worth me buying those fancy swim shorts, and then I could go down to the beach.”

So you stayed at home this summer and you didn’t get a tan, and you are still a bit flabby, but you didn’t manage to get to the gym, and your friend wouldn’t go cycling with you, and now it’s too cold for the beach anyway.

You say “I’d be interested to start that weekly fitness class this fall if only it weren’t on a Tuesday”, and deep down you know that it’s not really the day of the week that matters, it’s that you don’t like people seeing you with your shirt off in the locker room.

And while you were at home this summer you didn’t see those other three guys having fun on the beach…

Few people have perfect bodies, but some people manage to enjoy the bodies they have. If you want to do something, give it a try, and don’t worry about the way you look. It is worth learning to appreciate all the good points about your own unique body without dwelling on the imperfections.

You may well be right that you could stand to lose a little bit round the waist, but there is no reason for that to be an obstacle to you having some fun in your life

Treat yourself to those sexy swim shorts if you like them. It’ll make you feel good about yourself.

And maybe you will eventually feel so good that you’ll want to find a beach where you don’t need a bathing costume at all.

Is there really anything stopping you?