Chakra Associations

Here are some images and key words that help me remember the locations of the chakras and the meanings, feelings and concepts that are associated with them.

Root Chakra

Survival Security Safety

Home Money 

Earth Grounded

Being Present Calm

Sexuality Energy Vitality

Perineum PC Muscles Prostate

Sacral Chakra

Sexuality Desire Emotions

Water Flow Movement

Cock Balls Lower Belly

Gut Feelings Bodily Expression 

Flexibility Posture
Grace Dance Yoga

Solar Plexus Chakra

Power Confidence Courage
Fire Anger Action
Abdomen Core
Saying Yes or No
Standing Your Ground.

Heart Chakra

Love Intimacy Joy
Air Breathing Openness
Simplicity Connection Friendship
Acceptance Centre
Bridge from Body to Spirit.

Throat Chakra

Communication Voice Listening
Self Expression Creativity
Speaking Your Truth
Speaking Wisely.

Third Eye Chakra

Intuition Seeing the Truth
Vision Goals Foresight
Wisdom Intellect.

Crown Chakra

Spirituality Higher Self
Knowledge Understanding
Light Radiance
Floating Beyond Self 
Part of the Universe