Chakra Associations

Here are some images and key words that help me remember the locations of the chakras and the meanings, feelings and concepts that are associated with them.

Root Chakra

Survival, Security, Safety, Home, Money, 

Earth, Smell,

Grounded, Being Present, Calm,

Sexuality, Energy, Vitality,

Perineum, PC Muscles, Prostate, Legs and Feet.

Sacral Chakra

Sexuality, Desire, Pleasure,

Water, Taste,

Flow, Movement, Bodily Expression,

Flexibility, Posture, Grace, Dance, Yoga,

Good Taste, Art and Culture,

Genitals, Lower Belly. 

Solar Plexus Chakra

Power, Confidence, Courage,
Fire, Sight,

Anger, Action,
Saying Yes or No, Standing Your Ground,

Abdomen, Core, Navel.

Heart Chakra

Love, Intimacy, Joy,
Air, Touch,

Breathing, Openness, Simplicity,

Connection, Friendship, Acceptance,

Heart Centre, Bridge from Body to Spirit.

Throat Chakra

Communication, Self-Expression,

Space Element, Hearing,

Listening, Creativity,
Speaking Your Truth, Speaking Wisely,

Throat and Voice.

Third Eye Chakra

Intuition, Vision, Intellect,

Goals, Foresight,

Seeing the Truth, Wisdom,

Focus During Meditation,

Forehead and Inside the Head.

Crown Chakra

Spirituality, Higher Self,
Knowledge, Understanding,
Light, Radiance,
Floating, Beyond Self, 
Part of the Universe,

Top of the Head and Above the Head.