Table Massage - Settle down to a great massage aimed at relaxation and stress relief. Enjoy my strong, sensual touch. Friendly and unhurried. I will always treat you with care and respect.

Floor Massage - Working on the floor gives more freedom for full body contact and for two-way interaction between us than is possible on the massage table. This is a good option if you are looking for closer connection or if you want more experience in touching and being touched by another man.

Erotic Energy Massage

This is a Body-Electric-style massage aimed at raising the sexual energy and feeling it flow over the whole body. I will ask you to participate with active breathing and visualization. We move towards a Big Draw, which is a clench-and-hold climax. The result is a feeling of being physically charged and enlivened, often combined with release of emotional feelings (joy, sadness, peace...) that come out as you let go.

Optional: anal and prostate massage

Many men find this extremely pleasurable. It is easy to incorporate this into a session. I work in a gentle and sensitive way that can help you to relax and enjoy a part of your body that we often get up tight about.