Men's Tantra Circle

we make a conscious link between sex, body, mind and spirit via the practice of tantra and yoga

Our meetings are naked and involve consensual intimate touch between participants. We follow careful principles of Safety, Consent, and Confidentiality.

To see the schedule and attend the meetings you need to Join the Meetup Group on

To participate in this group you should be

  • An adult male at least 21 years of age
  • Comfortable with being naked in a group
  • Able to engage in movement and physical exercise
  • Interested to learn more about mind-body connection
  • Willing to share what is on your mind honestly with the group
  • Ready for a more meaningful and more passionate sex life

If you are interested but not sure if you are ready, then try an individual Massage or Sacred Intimacy session to get to know me, or try one of our Yoga Classes first.

Group Activities

Erotic Energy Massage - Guided Massage Exchange to build sexual energy and spread it through the body.

Conscious Connection with a Partner - Practice Giving and Receiving touch with awareness. Learn to communicate clearly about what you would like. Share your erotic energy and build connection with others.

Group Touch - Be together. Be naked. Have fun. Accept one another and accept yourself.

Body and Mind

Mindfulness - Practice tantric meditation and visualizations. Connect mind and body and become a whole person.

Learn about Tantra - Tantra is a spiritual tradition with a very long history. How can we adapt these ideas to our own life? What are Shiva and Shakti? How is Tantra related to Yoga? What does Non-dual mean? What is the Left Hand Path? How do we create practices that are meaningful to us?