Tantra for Two


The Kamasutra helps to bring excitement and energy into your sex life using a wide variety of positions that promote eye contact and connection. Learn to breath together and cycle your energy with a partner. Adding more awareness to sex brings greater intensity and emotional meaning. Feel joy and confidence in your own abilities.

We will carefully discuss your boundaries in order to agree on a level of intimacy that is right for both of us. You don't need to be an expert or an athlete! We are not following a technical manual here, we are expanding our horizons!

Solo Tantra

personal sexual energy ritual

Learn to use breathwork and visualization to spread sexual energy through your whole body and achieve new levels of whole-body orgasm.

We will practice mindful touch of ourselves and each other in order to raise sexual energy and maintain it for long periods. Boost your libido and your stamina. Ejaculate if/when you choose to. Becoming more aware of your own body helps you become a better lover.

We will discuss the meaning of the chakra system, and use it as a guide for directing energy flow in the body.

Tantra as a Spiritual Path

bringing tantric practices into life today

Tantra is an Indian spiritual tradition closely related to Yoga, with a history that goes back well over a thousand years. Tantric meditation and breathing practices make use of the Chakras (energy centres) and Nadis (channels for energy flow). We can learn to use these methods to bring a sense of peace and wholeness to our lives, as well as to bring a healthy balance between physical body, sex and spirit.

Tantra emphasizes that everyday life and everyday activities are part of spiritual practice. We learn to find joy in experiencing the whole variety of phenomena in the world. Our bodies are part of the Divine therefore, we can use our bodies and our senses as means of worship, rather than treating them as distractions that we need to learn to ignore.

There is a continued interplay between Shiva, representing pure awareness, and Shakti, representing the power to do things and to manifest physical objects. Shiva and Shakti are considered to be inseparable, like heat and fire.

Masculine and Feminine

are you shiva or shakti or both?

All of us have both masculine and feminine aspects within us. Tantra asks us to express all the sides of our personality and find a balance between them. In this Tantric Roleplay Session you get to explore the desires of these different parts of you.

  • The dominant, rational and sexually active Yang Masculine
  • The nurturing, emotional, and sexually receptive Yin Feminine
  • The spontaneous, uninhibited and independent Yang Feminine
  • The protective, caring and facilitating Yin Masculine

Tantra sessions are done in a ritual context. We will prepare the room as a sacred space. Please feel free to bring an altar object that means something to you, or to wear special clothes.

Dominance and Submission

explore your kinky side

I am an experienced leatherman and Sir/Top for BDSM scenes. I am happy to introduce you to BDSM in a safe and fun way. We will always keep to high standards of safety, consent, and confidentiality.

  • Rope Bondage
  • Spanking and Flogging
  • The Senses - Blindfolds, Touch, Taste and Smell
  • Sensation Play - Clothespins, Hot Wax, Nipples and Balls
  • Sir-Boy and Dom-Sub Roleplay

Please feel free to ask more about these things