Yoga for Guys

Yoga Classes for Men organized by Men's Tantra Circle meetup group. You need to join the group on to sign up for the class. Currently running every Wednesday.

  • Men Only.
  • Clothing optional. Mostly we do it naked.
  • All abilities welcome
  • Learn poses and sequences that you can take home and practice.
  • Good for exercise as well as getting to know other men in the group
  • Please bring a yoga mat and towel.
  • $10 per class.

Yoga is a work in progress...

I am a Registered Yoga Teacher RYT200 with the Yoga Alliance.

But that doesn't mean I can do all the poses perfectly. Yoga is always a Work in Progress. Most of us do not have a perfect yoga physique. We can always start with the body we have.

People of all abilities and ages can practice yoga together. We can each take the pose to the level that is right for us.

Building strength

Yoga helps us find stability, strength and ease in our own body

Expect gradual improvements in strength, balance and flexibility as you practice. If you are wondering whether you are too inflexible to do yoga, ask yourself whether you are too dirty to take a shower!

If you are a beginner and you would prefer to start with a private yoga session rather than a group, please let me know.

Partner Yoga

Partner poses are fun, and help us build confidence in our body image and in our interactions with others.

We sometimes incorporated partner poses in regular classes, and occasionally have specific partner yoga classes

Yoga is for the mind as well as the body

The physical poses of yoga lead us to mental calm and quietness.

We usually finish class with a mindful breathing exercise or short meditation.